Kinda like a brownie, kinda like a fudge...

  • Kitchen Sink

    Layer of fudge brownie, layer of caramel, layer of french vanilla brownie, and topped with chocolate chips and candies. 

  • It's Your Birthday

    Double layer of Vanilla, a layer of Graham Crackers with caramel and topped with Frosting and Sprinkles.

  • Hot Blonde

    Double layer of French Vanilla brownie, a layer of caramel and topped with butterscotch chips.

  • Lemon The Dream

    Double layer of Lemon Blondie, with a caramel center and topped with frosting.

  • Milk & Cookies

    Layer of chocolate brownie batter with a layer of filling and topped with cookies.

  • Salted Caramel

    Layer of chocolate fudge brownie topped with salted caramel.

  • Cherry Baby

    Fudge brownie with caramel and a cherry brownie, topped with icing and mini chips.

  • Strawberry Blonde

    Two layers of strawberry vanilla brownie with a caramel center and topped with frosting.

  • Chip Magnet

    Layers of fudge brownie and French Vanilla, topped with butterscotch and chocolate.

  • Cookie D'oh

    Layer of chocolate with a layer of buttery caramel, topped with chocolate chip cookie dough.

  • Hold The Nuts

    This is a double layer of fudge brownie with a Caramel center and Topped with candies.

  • Peanut Butta

    Double layer of Fudge brownie with a layer of Caramel and Topped with Reese's Pieces.

  • Original

    Fudge brownie with a rich caramel center, topped with chocolate chips and walnuts.

  • Red Devil

    A layer of chocolate brownie, with a layer of caramel and red velvet brownie, topped with icing.

  • Mounds Of Joy

    A layer of Fudge brownie, layer of caramel, topped with coconut macaroon and almonds.

  • Lucky 7 Layer

    Chocolate brownie with graham cracker, butterscotch, chocolate and coconut flakes.

  • Pumped Up Pumpkin

    French vanilla brownie, topped with a pumpkin bar and roasted marshmallows.