1.6 Ib Trays of Sweet & Twisted

Come 6 trays to a case (10 Ib bulk box). They are perfect for your own packaging, or even as toppings for your own desserts! 

We also offer 12 oz tubs and bags as packaging options!

Pretzel Rods

Great counter sales item! SHELF STABLE FOR 12 MONTHS. 

12 Pack Master Sleeves:

- 144 sleves per pallet (pallet = 12 x 12).

- We can ship mixed pallets with at least one flavor per pallet row.


Cases come with 12 treats!

​Another great counter item!

Sweet And Twisted Party Tubs

These tubs do great in any dessert isle! People love them for parties because it gives their guests lots of options!

Warm Cookies/Brownies

Comes in 4 oz bowls. These are great and can be warmed up in just 30 seconds! Customers will love these new innovative to-go products!

​Case Pack 12

These single serve brownie trays are perfect for any on the go style businesses! 

These retail bags are 15​ oz and will look great in any setting! 

Cookie Dough

Comes in 4oz pucks​ or

​32oz retail (as shown)

Bulk buckets are also available

Our grocery brownie tubs ship

- Frozen in 14 oz tubs!

- 6 tubs per case.

​- 75 cases per pallet.

Can be made Vegan, All Natural, Gluten Free and Standard!


We make the BEST baked goods available! Open a Wholesale account today to give your customers another reason to come in the door! We have a huge amount of products and services that we make it easy to keep your customers wanting more! ​​We're always willing to work with your company to find the best way to sell our products!  READY TO INDULGE? Fore more information please CONTACT US

Cases of pre baked cookies are also available and are great grab and go trets!

Displays: We are always thinking of new and creative ways to display our products in your businesses! Here are some examples.

Works great for ice cream toppings or bake it for great handmade cookies!