Total Cluster Fudge began when I started to look at the brownie market and for the life of me, I could not find a super good funky brownie at most mainstream grocery stores. I knew that I needed to make a brand different enough that the stores would not view me as just “another brownie”. Thats why I spent 12 months in a hotel kitchenette and eventually a basement kitchen working on exquisite formulas.

My background is in Candy, so I had the advantage of knowing a lot about shelf stability. I also found that you could never get a good piece of fudge at grocery stores, so I combined my knowledge of candy with my love of baked goods and Total Cluster Fudge was born!

The idea was to create a totally new product that is a combination of fudge and brownie, hence the name Total Cluster Fudge. By combining these two treats, we are able to make a rich delicious gooey sensations that people are absolutely loving! I encourage you to try all of our ever expanding lines of products!

- Alisa Shakespeare, Co-owner